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Stokey Woodall 

Is a well known and respected ocean sailor, author and raconteur, who has sailed the worlds oceans amassing over 300,000 nautical miles. In 1982 scribbled down on a beer mat in the Peg Legs Bar, Tortola, British Virgin Islands he came up with a plan for an ocean sailing school. Talking over a beer about the idea with his friend Tony Sparks, a celebrated artist in Southampton, they came up with a logo and name for the Company - International Ocean Services (IOS). Tony believed that Stokey was very similar to the Arctic Tern; a bird that flies in excess of 32,000 kilometres a year and was a renowned master of navigation. Stokey was also the only person Tony knew who would migrate further in search of love than this wonderful bird. 

And so the logo and motto of IOS was born; "No Frontiers" ; an organisation of which Stokey is justly proud.

Since its inception Stokey has taught, advised, encouraged and helped thousands of yachtsmen & rowers before and during their blue water adventures. Stokey still provides a comprehensive training curriculum in all aspects of ocean sailing, however celestial and weather subjects are his forte.

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Stokey's Logo

Stokey's Logo

The Arctic Tern