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The centre offers a special and reasonably priced talk to a forecaster and routing service world wide and various weather courses for yachtsmen and rowers both shore-based and online. The centre also provides national meteorological offices and weather links to over 1000 sites see the links page

8 Day Worldwide Forecast

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Stokey, & Wind Guru, have teamed up to create a new Atlantic Weather Centre for yachtsmen. Stokey designed 15 Ocean areas for the Atlantic, these have already been used weather services and tested by sailors in both the ARC and Blue Water Rallies for a number of years now.

From 2006 the centre has provided a data service with its own unique named forecast areas via the web for the Atlantic Ocean. The data comes a friend of Stokey, Vaclav owner of Wind Guru a well known and respected Czech forecasting web site, it covers over 300 spot points and updated 4 times per day within our 15 unique Atlantic areas. Use the download link found in the downloads and links section of the site, to get sea area map for the Atlantic forecast areas.

Weather Courses