"The learning process is simply progressing from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty"

Message From Stokey

The approach and care to each individual student is always fair and equal and is matched by the wonderful hospitality offered here in Ventnor / Shanklin, because Stokey, knows you have a choice. The above statements can be verified by the many Testimonials received by the company over the years.


Day Skipper

This course is an introduction to chart work, navigation, meteorology and seamanship. You will learn how to figure out tidal heights and streams and how they affect your course. On the RYA Day Skipper Theory you will also learn the collision rules on how to identify the give way vessel and how to use dead reckoning and estimated position for accurate navigation. The first time you navigate successfully to a destination will give you a fantastic sense of achievement. Before attending the RYA Day Skipper Theory course it is essential that you have had some previous sailing experience.

Offshore Yachtmaster

This course develops on from the navigation and other theory knowledge acquired on the Day Skipper Course. It is intended for cruising yachtsmen, motor boaters, and power boaters, who are looking to undertake more complex passages, perhaps offshore, at night, or crossing the Channel. It is a demanding theory course covering advanced navigation techniques such as – Position Fixing, Course to Steer, Passage Planning, Pilotage, Meteorology, IRPCS, Stability and Buoyage. By the end of the course the successful student will have a comprehensive knowledge of what is required to navigate to Yachtmaster standard, and will have passed 3 exams on chart work, meteorology, and IRPCS. It is highly recommended that you revise the collision regulations before attending the course, and have acquired the Day Skipper knowledge beforehand, to ensure successful completion.

Ocean Yachtmaster

The RYA Ocean Yachtmaster is the final theory course in the syllabus. It is also the signature course offered by Stokey whose eminent students include Emma Richards, Ellen MacArthur, Barbara Harmer (the only female Concorde captain), Phillipe Kahn and John Howard Davies. This course is usually presented and taught in Ventnor/Shanklin on the Isle of Wight but can also be run worldwide. Teaching can be offered on a group or one-to-one basis.The RYA Ocean Yachtmaster theory certificate will be given to successful candidates upon completion.


Beginners 1 Day Weather Course

This course covers many aspects of practical marine weather, starting from the very basics and ending with all you need to plan your voyages or - weekend outings - safely and efficiently taking into account the weather. This weekend course is intended to be both a practical and theoretical and aimed at the sailing fartienity. On completion it will certainly help you with your decision making whilst planning a voyage and once underway. No prior knowledge of weather is needed just the enthusiasm to learn.

Course Contents

  • Principles of weather

  • Global circulation

  • Clouds, winds, fronts, lows, highs Understanding weather maps

  • Making observations DIY Forecasting Weather Hazards

  • Sources of weather Information

  • Using and understanding the shipping forecast