Stokey's Courses


Astro For Beginners

3 day course

This 3 day course is ideal for someone new to the subject or just wishing to brush up. The course will give both theoretical and practical insights to the fascinating art and subject of celestial navigation. For those people wishing to obtain the R.Y.A Ocean Yachtmaster theory qualification there is an optional 2 day add on to complete it. Ventor/Shanklin are the main venues for this course and both locations are on the Southern stretch of the island’s coastline that boasts a tropical micro climate. This Coastal region with Its unique Micro climate is often blessed with wonderful star viewing skies due to the lack of light pollution in this area. The course is designed not only to be educational but also great fun.

Advance Astro

5 day course

This advanced celestial course will cover the theory behind this wonderful skill, and where you will be taught how to reduce sights for the Sun, Stars, Planets, and the Moon. You will also be shown how to make your own chart and plot using plotting sheets sold by Imray and designed by Stokey. The last day of the 4 you will discover a day in the life of a real celestial navigator by star planning and Compass Checking for errors using the heavenly bodies. The tutor for this course is always Stokey so you will benefit from his life time Knowledge and experience as a real ocean sailor. The 5th day is a pure practical day this can be done either on a ferry to St Malo or in Ventnor/Shanklin on the isle of Wight. During this day and evening you will be shown how to set up a sextant and practically shoot and reduce real celestial bodies with the real up-to-date Almanac and tables. ideal for super yacht captains or people wanting to take their celestial skills to another level. on completion, a certificate will be awarded showing that you have completed an advanced course and level in celestial navigation.


Two Day Astro Theory/Practical Course

A wonderful add on to any person that needs a brush up there theory and also wants to put it into practice. This is a very practical “Hands On” course with both night and daytime sights. See how it is really done with expert tuition by Stokey one of the world’s leading ocean navigators and teachers of the subject. The first day will be spent revisiting the theory and the joining a Brittany ferry in Portsmouth Harbour early evening to sail to either St Malo or Caen. During the crossing a star plan will be produced for the morning stars and hopefully (weather permitting) we will take the sights, reduce them and plot the results.There will be 2 hours run ashore in St Malo before the return crossing, nice time for a croissant and coffee in the old walled town. On the return crossing we will spend the time doing a Sun run Sun set of sights and discuss Compass checks before our arrive back into Portsmouth


A great little course for any person that has already done the RYA theory course and now wants to get fully conversant with the requirements needed to complete the RYA course. This is a practical “Hands On” and informative course with tips from Stokey you will not find in a book. A must day that will help guide you through both the practical & oral elements of the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster .

Morning Program

  • Sight planning, theoretical sight procedures, sextant checks and a morning sight

  • Visit Stokey’s Platform (SP) practical Astro, sextant checks, sight procedure and the taking of a morning sun sight

  • Work out morning sun sight and reduce a theoretical noon sight Midday: (SP) Take noon sight before returning back to the class room to reduce it.

Afternoon Program

  • Work out a theoretical afternoon sight. Afternoon: (SP) Shoot an afternoon sun sight.

  • Reduce the afternoon sun sight, make a chart and plot both the theoretical and the practical sights reduced that day. Compass checks, planning, and reduction

  • General discussion’s on proposed qualifying trip, weather, planning and the presentation of relevant material for the oral exam.