Atlantic Circuit Weekend


2 Day Shorebased or Online Course

The Atlantic Circuit

Have you ever dreamt or even thought about doing a Trans-Atlantic crossing or are you actually planning one? Then! This one day seminar run by I.O.S will be invaluable. This day aims to be informative with practical advice, guidance and some top tips that you won’t have read in the books. Stokey Woodall, who has traversed the Atlantic some 31 times to date and has a wealth of ocean sailing knowledge and experience, will be your host. The content will include stunning visual presentations and will be delivered in Stokey’s own inimitable style with humorous anecdotes added for good measure. Topics to be covered will include

Course Topics

  • Passage planning to the Canaries The Trans-Atlantic Westbound to the Caribbean

  • Return Atlantic crossing Eastbound to Bermuda and the Azores

  • The Azores Islands talk “Fire and Flowers”

  • The return passage to Europe UK and the Mediterranean

  • Weather, tactics, sources and weather advice

  • The crew, watch systems, lifestyle and training

  • Publications and charts needed for the trip

  • Ports of call on route

  • Emergency navigation

  • The paperwork

" This Could Be You "

Stokey at Sea