Stokey's Published, Audio, & Digital Book


“Two minutes into the meal we suddenly found ourselves in the Red Sea rather than on it. Our boat had been cut in two by a large, anonymous ship which had failed to notice us and did not stop.”

“About three days into the trip the American came rushing into the cabin at 3 am and announced that we were sinking. I said “OK. I’ll be up in a minute but meanwhile put the kettle on and let’s have a cup of tea.”

“Travelling amongst the world of strangers, I have been fortunate to encounter those very special individuals who understand, as a fellow free spirit, that the most difficult test of travelling is to say goodbye. Relationships with such people may be short lived but they contain the intensity of a lifetime.”

Limited Hard Copy Edition Book

Get a copy with a personal message from, and signed by Stokey

The Digital Version

Now you can get a digital copy for your Kindle, Apple Kabo or personal e-reader.

The Audio Book

In 2020 a professionally recorded Audio version of the book was released. Peter Baker formally a presenter with Radio Piccadilly is the wonderful silky voice giving the rendition