Weather Routing


  • I.O.S have for many years been working with and supplying routing and weather information to the marine industry. By emailing or calling daily, at a pre-arranged time, we will prepare a forecast and route for you. The forecast will be specific to your route and heading. This will then be delivered verbally or in a plain text format (to save satellite download costs) The forecast will consist of:

  • A general synopsis of pressure systems likely to affect you in the coming days.

  • A detailed forecast for of the next 24 hrs, consisting of wind direction, speed, sea state, weather and visibility.

  • A further outlook for the next 48 hrs will also be given

  • Advice on severe weather avoidance, where to find the favourable winds and finally the best route for you based on the data we have.

The Arctic Tern is a bird that flies in excess of 32,000 kilometres a year and is a renowned master of navigation. To this end the logo and motto: No Frontiers' of I.O.S. was designed and one in which they are justly proud.


Sailing Yachts & Motor Vessel pricing's

  • Cost for service 7-day planner before departure £75 then £35/Day or £50 if you just want ad hoc forecasts during your trip


  • If you wish to take this service, we can discuss your personal requirements and agree a fee for the trip and not the time taken to complete it.

  • Terms are 10% of the fee to be paid as non-refundable deposit this will secure my services. The final payment of 90% to be paid 14 days before start of row or earlier.