The Discoverers Cruise


Will commence early June 2021 from the Mid Atlantic island of Faial. The Port of Horta was chosen by Stokey because of his many years sailing to and from what he calls an undiscovered paradise. He notes that the islands host some of the most hospitable people he has ever met during the many time zones crossed and continents he has Traversed. This mid ocean set of islands form a crossroad to the world for both new and old sea discoverers and adventures alike, its local inhabitants have a great love, respect, and a wonderful attitude towards them. An incredibly special bond between Jose Azevedo owner of the world famous Café Sport bar & IOS, s Stokey Woodall has been nurtured over a period of more than 40 years.

Jose Azevideo

Café Sport Is probably the most famous bar in the North Atlantic. Not only is “Peters” a currency exchange, post office and Tourist Information Centre but an institution to seafarers from all over the world.

“The Final Discovery Is The Discovery Of Knowledge.”

Kedar Joshi

Kindly, for our event Jose as offered to sponsor a little drinks party and use of a classroom facility to be able to run a 5 day Ocean theory course and to give a few lectures to local and visiting yachtsmen lectures before our Atlantic adventure departure The first leg will be 200nm to help us gain our sea legs as we sail to the Island of Santa Maria where we will visit Anjos to see the Columbus statue and the little chapel where the new adventures will be able to sign the log book before they embark on a short trip to San Miguel the main Azorean Island and the penultimate leg.

The Cruise

The Ocean Leg & Final Cruise

Sets off from Ponta Delgada on the island of San Miguel and finishes on the Portuguese continent and capitol Lisbon. The sail will be done the traditional way with just compass, log and sextant for the entire 770 Nm crossing, ideal for those wishing to complete their Ocean Yachtmaster practical element, or romantics who just wish to sail under the stars and navigate by them Our destination port for this leg is Marina Cascais on the mouth of the river Tagus entrance to Lisbon’s main commercial port. During this short stopover, a special trip to Belem will be organised to visit the statue of the discoverers and other maritime attractions The final sailing leg will see us pass the Cape St Vincent, Sagres the home of Henry the navigator's school before the completion of our Atlantic Adventure to Marina Vilamoura on the Algarve the old home of Stokey’s Azores/Vilamoura Express